The firm “Zumwalt” came to mind at an early age. I was born here in Fresno, California, United States of America, at St. Agnes Hospital. The first memory I have of seeing “Zumwalt” was on a sign on Herndon and West. I remember was in big red letters on a white background. I couldn’t help thinking how amazing it was that Zumwalt’s, my family, was here in Fresno, and honestly, that we were cool enough to have a sign saying “Zumwalt” on a major street corner.

Some time passed since then and I found myself with the capability of starting my own firm. I went to work for John Zumwalt at his firm Zumwalt Hansen and Associates in Hanford, California. That was a growth experience where subdivision designs were abundant and I got a real touch on everything from civil improvement plans to final maps. I got to go to City of Hanford Planning Commission Meetings, Council Meetings. I got the chance to work with the public agency representatives that advocate for the people. It was wonderful. I really thank John Zumwalt, and all of my employers; Jeremy Woods, Jose Martinez, Paul Bradbury, Alex Dwiggins, Justin, Timothy Kelly, Michael, and Gordon Coffman, for their impact on my career, and life.

In January 17, 2020, Zumwalt was incorporated. I worked with a local law firm, Dowling Aaron, to incorporate and found myself with a company. Vital contributors to my early success with Zumwalt are Douglas DuRivage and Mehdi Momen. I was given projects ranging from Tentative Maps to Civil Improvement Plans, single-family residential to 8-acre commercial. My firm Zumwalt has since diversified into Land Surveying – December 2020, Accessibility – December 2020, and Drone Photography – Expected July 2022.

I’m very proud to be born in Fresno (since the 1980’s), from a California family (since the 1860’s), and from a family in United States of America (since the 1750’s). I’m very thankful to all those who’ve contributed to my success.

Jonathan T. Zumwalt